What is the Most Durable Material for Kitchen Cabinets?

The kitchen is the center of the home. From cooking for your family to entertaining guests, even working from home, the kitchen provides a comfortable oasis for your entire family. Modern kitchen designs accommodate changes in the contemporary lifestyle. Whether you need a more accessible home, a space to teach the kids, or just a […]

How Much Does It Cost to Install Kitchen Cabinets?

Are you excited to update your kitchen? Today’s exciting kitchen design ideas for 2020 can make an unusable outdated space into an absolute culinary oasis. But how much will new kitchen cabinets and a remodel cost? Estimating Costs When you plan a new kitchen remodel, take into consideration factors like the size of the kitchen […]

A Close Look at the Hottest Kitchen Design Trends

This year sustainability and eco-friendly design is in. From natural materials and finishes to environmentally friendly energy efficient appliances, 21st century green construction embraces free-flowing design and a minimal look. From a sleek hidden storage kitchen island to unique repurposed flooring materials, find the perfect look for your home. Accessibility and Free Flow Design Spacious […]

What Makes the Perfect Kitchen?

Serious about cooking? You need a kitchen that has the perfect layout. Even simple kitchen designs include an incredible number of choices like appliances, surfaces, drawers, and storage. How can you have an aesthetically attractive kitchen that is also utilitarian? The Triangle When planning a kitchen space, consider the kitchen “triangle”. Simple kitchen designs consider […]