5 Contemporary Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

Enjoy the gorgeous beauty of a luxury contemporary bathroom. You deserve an oasis after a long hard day of work and family. When you consider a bathroom remodel this year, consider concept and innovation. Be inspired with these top trends for 2020. 1. Geometric Simplicity One of the key concepts for the 21st century bathroom […]

How Much Does it Cost to Waterproof a Bathroom?

Renovating your bathroom will increase your home value and provide you with a luxurious oasis in your home. You need a place to relax after a long day. Waterproofing your bathroom requires a professional complete bathroom remodel. Unfortunately, waterproofing your bathroom yourself will result in leaks, plasterboard decay, damp, peeling paint, and other serious damage. […]

Should You Insulate Behind a Shower?

Your beautiful bathroom quickly becomes a home for mold, water, and moisture. Left undone, your leaky shower might result in serious damage or flooding. Choose a professional shower remodel from Jescore Renovations the high quality insulation you need. Our experts have put together these important facts about the importance of professional shower installation. The Danger […]

Are Bathroom Remodels Worth It?

A bathroom remodel increases your home value and gives you luxury space for relaxation. Modernize your bathroom, and update old fixtures. Enjoy your space more. Whether you need bathroom remodel ideas on a budget for aesthetic reasons or need to renovate your bathroom for a growing family, knowing the benefits of a bathroom remodel are […]

Modern Master Bathroom Design 2020

The exciting 2020 trends have arrived! Check out the latest in modern bathroom designs from bathroom cabinets to tubs. Be inspired for your dream master bathroom today. Spark creativity whether you plan on an entire bathroom remodel or just need to update an older bathroom. Showcase your personal style with an elegant new bathroom. Black […]

3 Small Bathroom Ideas You Will Love!

You deserve a luxurious bathroom no matter the size of your home or apartment. These exciting ideas will liven up your bathroom space with style and elegance. Make a bold statement with unique design. Contact our experienced bathroom remodel services experts about these inspiring ideas. Custom Lighting Is Your Friend When choosing the right bathroom […]

Stunning Home Remodel Ideas for 2020

Is it time to give your home a new look? The cost to remodel a house can seem daunting. However, by being smart with your remodel you can enjoy a great return on investment, increase your home value considerably, and bring more enjoyment and comfort to your home. Remodeling the Kitchen Your kitchen is the […]