5 Top Trending Kitchen Styles 2020

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Ready to give your kitchen space a complete remodel or just want to upgrade an older kitchen? Today’s homeowners want to express their unique personal style with striking colors, gorgeous patterns, and innovative technology no matter the kitchen renovation cost. Energy efficiency and expression is in! Check out how you can infuse your kitchen with your personal style!

Natural Elements

In the 21st century innovative homeowners want to embrace nature and beauty. With a low kitchen renovation cost, upgrade the decorations, paint, and fixtures in your kitchen with custom natural wood cabinets, natural lighting, and fresh foliage.

A Splash of Color

While colors still trend more subdued in 2020, a splash of orange, green, or red adds a unique accent to the palette. For example, combine natural wood tones, cream, and sunshine yellow for a unique look. Adding fresh flowers with beautiful colors add so much to your space.

Accessible for All

Maybe you need to upgrade your kitchen to accommodate changes in your family. Do you need a more accessible space? Or maybe you need to adapt to a growing family. Consider these trends:

  • No-handle cabinets
  • Lower kitchen island
  • Open floor plan
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Addition of a breakfast nook
  • Track lighting
  • Custom lighting
  • Smart appliances
  • Accessible storage
  • And more

Make your home easily accessible for family and guests. Ask our Jescore Renovations specialists about how you can make your kitchen more functional and spacious.

Smart Appliances

One of the biggest trends for 2020 is energy efficient smart appliances. For example, a smart refrigerator tracks when you need to buy milk, saves money on energy costs, and can even be programmed to help you eat a healthy diet. Many smart appliances integrate easily with phone apps. Control lighting, the coffeemaker, appliances, smart speakers, and more with a quick swipe on your smartphone or tablet.

Work Nook

With so many families doing work and schooling in their homes today, many homeowners have upgraded their kitchens to include a functional work nook. Complete with Wifi access, space for a computer station, and more, a work nook in your kitchen creates handy multifunctionality necessary for 21st century living.

When you need the best kitchen remodel contact Jescore Renovations. Our designers will happily help you realize your dream. No matter your budget, big or small, Jescore Renovations promises to build the kitchen you deserve. Call us today.