5 Contemporary Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

bathroom remodel

Enjoy the gorgeous beauty of a luxury contemporary bathroom. You deserve an oasis after a long hard day of work and family. When you consider a bathroom remodel this year, consider concept and innovation. Be inspired with these top trends for 2020.

1. Geometric Simplicity

One of the key concepts for the 21st century bathroom is simplicity. Strip away the gaudy and tacky and embrace the sleek elegant geometry of clean lines and space. Your bathroom remodel must give you a sense of calm and a serene aesthetic. Achieve this easily by cherishing space and sophisticated refinement with square and rectangular shapes.

2. Go Natural

Add natural flourishes to your elegant bathroom. Live plants add refreshing color and life to your space. Add a natural stone backsplash or small fountain. Custom wood cabinets in dark tones add warmth to your design. Sparse artwork depicting simple natural forests or the seascape helps you escape the business of life through beauty.

3. Neutral Tones

Choose neutral tones like grays, sea green, beige, or cream to create a sense of serene calm. Avoid super splashy paint or ornamental wallpaper. Instead open up the space by using a more monochromatic elegant palette.

4. Natural Lighting

Your space will brighten up with natural lighting. Open up the windows and let in sunlight. The warm sunshine combined with fresh plants adds so much to your bathroom. Add to the effect with carefully placed mirrors and custom lighting.

5. Be Smart

Enjoy 21st century innovations in your bathroom. From speakers in your shower to motion sensors for your lights and fixtures, you can enjoy energy efficiency and comfort. Today’s homeowners also install smart toilets or a bidet which use less water and adapt intuitively to the user.

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