How Much Does It Cost to Install Kitchen Cabinets?


Are you excited to update your kitchen? Today’s exciting kitchen design ideas for 2020 can make an unusable outdated space into an absolute culinary oasis. But how much will new kitchen cabinets and a remodel cost?

Estimating Costs

When you plan a new kitchen remodel, take into consideration factors like the size of the kitchen space and the level of the project. For example, some top kitchen design ideas for 2020 include adding a butler’s pantry or modernizing cabinets with handle-free options. What else should you consider? Go through this quick kitchen remodel checklist:

  1. Overall Kitchen Space
  2. Layout
  3. Knocking out Walls
  4. Removing vs. Refinishing Cabinets
  5. Cabinet Installation
  6. Accessibility Concerns
  7. Cabinet Materials
  8. Handle Free or Traditional Cabinets
  9. Kitchen Island or Double Island
  10. Additional Storage and Hidden Storage Cabinet Options
  11. Hardware
  12. Countertops, Sinks, Dishwasher(s) and Prep Stations
  13. Coffee Station
  14. Small Work Area
  15. Pet Nook
  16. Placement of Appliances
  17. Aesthetics like Flooring, Paint, Wallpaper
  18. Seating
  19. Finishing Touches like Shades, Plants, Custom Lighting
  20. Furnishings and Smart Appliances

With so many options to consider, estimating kitchen remodel costs and cabinet installation can be daunting. Our friendly staff at Jescore Renovations will be happy to help you build the kitchen of your dreams within your budget. Contact us today to set up your initial consultation. Our experienced team are ready to help you.

Cabinet Installation Costs

Most kitchen upgrades bring up home value considerably, especially if the current kitchen is outdated and cramped. By opening up a layout, making a kitchen more spacious and functional, you will increase your enjoyment and also make the home more saleable long-term. In general, expect to gain at least 70% of your initial investment on any kitchen renovation. Talk with our designers about how you can maximize the return on your kitchen remodel.

Expect to spend anywhere from $150 to $500 per cabinet, depending on the scope of the job. Add installation costs and labor, as well as personnel. For example, simply refinishing older cabinets will cost less than redoing an entire kitchen layout and installing custom cabinets. Additionally, there might be additional costs for cabinet removal and disposal, a Lazy Susan cabinet, specialty cabinets, sink base cabinets, or molding.

Contact the Cabinet Design Experts at Jescore Renovations

Because there are so may incredible options, even homeowners on a tight budget can find exciting remodeling solutions for their home. We will partner with you to find the best designs that meet your family’s needs. Call the experts at Jescore Renovations today. Our talented staff will be happy to answer all of your questions. Contact us now.