Should You Insulate Behind a Shower?


Your beautiful bathroom quickly becomes a home for mold, water, and moisture. Left undone, your leaky shower might result in serious damage or flooding. Choose a professional shower remodel from Jescore Renovations the high quality insulation you need. Our experts have put together these important facts about the importance of professional shower installation.

The Danger of Leaks

A leaky shower results in significant damage over time. If you do not have a professional shower remodel, oftentimes water pools and moisture destroys the structural integrity of your home. Upper level bathrooms may flood lower levels. Neglected air seals and insulation leaks can cause dangerous mold growth.

Air Barriers

Professional remodelers will install an air barrier. They will avoid any gaps, compressions, and misalignments. Professionals can use a wide variety of materials when installing insulation:

  • Glass mat gypsum
  • Fiber cement
  • Cementitious backer panels
  • Other materials

Ask your contractor about the best way to insure insulation and waterproofing in your bathroom.

Why You Need Shower Insulation – The Benefits

While it might be tempting to fix any insulation problems yourself, or even ignore a problem, a leaky shower can cause long term damage. Instead enjoy the benefits of a beautiful bathroom remodel. When you have properly installed shower installation you enjoy a wide variety of significant benefits:

  • Enjoy energy efficiency
  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • Improve moisture control
  • Avoid mold growth
  • Dampen sound
  • Continuous thermal barrier
  • Prevent sagging
  • Avoid leaks
  • Minimize condensations
  • Avoid flooding damage
  • Avoid leaks

As you can see, as a homeowner you save money in repair costs and energy costs when you have a properly insulated shower and bathroom. Whether you have a big budget or small, Jescore Renovations promises to provide you with the best remodeling in the Greater Toronto Area.

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