Modern Master Bathroom Design 2020


The exciting 2020 trends have arrived! Check out the latest in modern bathroom designs from bathroom cabinets to tubs. Be inspired for your dream master bathroom today. Spark creativity whether you plan on an entire bathroom remodel or just need to update an older bathroom. Showcase your personal style with an elegant new bathroom.

Black Accents

Darker tones like black and dark gray have made a comeback in modern bathroom design. Try sleek ebony bathroom cabinets or a black tub. Combine black with natural wood and ivory for a sophisticated look.


Many homeowners have decided to move towards more sustainable natural looks for their master bathroom. Combine an energy efficient toilet with smart lightbulbs. Combine sustainable materials and wood with your design. Repurpose older fixtures in the home. Incorporate live plants and natural lighting for an overall organic look.

Smart Home Technology

Today’s bathroom designs have tech in mind. From smart toilets to smart lightbulbs, enjoy extra convenience with simple voice commands. Today’s smart showers, mini smart fridges, and smart speakers can create a futuristic oasis in any home.


Contemporary industrial style combines metal finishes, industrial sinks, and geometric vanities for a unique look. Sleek and urban, the industrial style fits almost any home. Enjoy this exciting new trend. Combine with brick or concrete.

Go Gold

Combine a wide variety of metallic fixtures in your bathroom. Gold especially denotes elegance and luxury. Enjoy a luxurious bathroom adorned with exciting finish options in spun gold and satin. Use gold plumbing fixtures to create a truly stunning statement.

Be Unique With Your Tile and Patterns

Balance neutral tones with exciting wallpaper and tile patterns. Try different tile shapes like arabesque, chevron, diamond, Moroccan fish scales, or hexagon patterns. Try to go bold with your wallpaper design. Go big.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Use every inch of your bathroom for storage with clever custom cabinets. From small drawers to beautiful floor-to-ceiling cabinets, find space for every towel and shampoo bottle. Great for large families and households that often entertain guests.

Color Splashes

Maybe simple black and white is not your style. No worries. Be super trendy with your remodel by spicing up your master bathroom with bold colors. Some colors like bright green and blue actually boost your mood. Want to feel awake in the morning? Then try a splash of bright red. Change your blah bathroom into something exciting and fun!

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