3 Small Bathroom Ideas You Will Love!


You deserve a luxurious bathroom no matter the size of your home or apartment. These exciting ideas will liven up your bathroom space with style and elegance. Make a bold statement with unique design. Contact our experienced bathroom remodel services experts about these inspiring ideas.

Custom Lighting Is Your Friend

When choosing the right bathroom layout, do not underestimate the power of good lighting. The bathroom remodel services can provide you with a wide array of exciting lighting options from smart lightbulbs you control with your smart phone to colorful light schemes that set a relaxing mood. Choose from a wide array of fixtures like metals or more natural organic options:

  • Custom Geometric Chandelier
  • Smart Lightbulb Technology
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Colorful Light Schemes
  • Natural Lighting
  • Elegant Sconces
  • Modern Track Lighting
  • Lighted Vanities

Good lighting will open up a space, no matter how small. Take advantage of natural lighting when designing your bathroom layout.

Custom Cabinetry and Bath

Does your bathroom feel crowded and cluttered? Do you need more space? Do you have older cabinets and fixtures? Custom cabinetry fitted to your space will give you more storage space and add a touch of elegance and simplicity to your bathroom. Combine with a sensible shower bath. Some popular ideas this year include:

  • Raised Cabinets
  • Hidden Storage
  • Standalone Tub
  • Neutral Tones
  • Glass Showers
  • Minimalist Design
  • Custom Vanity
  • Coordinating Sink, Cabinet, and Wallpaper for a Monochromatic Look
  • Minimalist Sink Stand with Petite Mirror
  • Waterfall Showers
  • Floor to Ceiling Shower
  • Narrow Design for Cramped Spaces

You and the designer will work together to find the best custom cabinetry design that works with your space. Be sure to think about utility. For example, do you share the bathroom with a significant other, roommates, or kids? Then you might need to consider ways to maximize the space to accommodate this. Maybe you live alone and just want a place of luxurious relaxation? Then choose options that will create a sense of calm with Minimalist neutral designs and a large vanity space.

Accents, Walls, and Flooring

The layout makes the biggest difference in your bathroom space. Once you have decided on the right design, be bold in your choice of tiling, flooring, and accents. This year several styles have made a comeback including black and white tiling, organic natural foliage, and simple minimalist geometric design.

Coordinate bold wallpaper patterns with subtle flooring or add live plants and natural materials to your bathroom. For a cleaner look, use glass fixtures and vases to emphasize natural lighting and sophistication. Children’s bathrooms can be more whimsical, incorporating bright primary colors and child-friendly wallpaper patterns.

Contact the talented team at Jescore Renovations with your dream luxury bathroom ideas. Whether you have a small urban space or a large home, we will happily help you build the bathroom of your dreams. Call us today.